LAX Airport Shuttle to Santa Monica

ImageWith so many LAX Airport Shuttle services to choose from travelers have their hands full, reading reviews, checking BBB, and asking for referrals. Fame Transportation is providing Town car service for the price of taking a shuttle van. Extended service LAX Airport shuttle to Santa Monica Starts at $40 dollars and is not to exceed $50 dollars in a private town car executive L series. Round trip Transfers get an additional discount. Booking with Fame Transportation is as easy as dialing 1-800-72-LAXRIDE. Priority being safe, timely professional service. All drivers are trained to adequately address any concerns that passengers may have. We all dislike not being able to speak to a customer service representative this is why Fame Transportation makes it a habit to always be available for traveler’s questions and concerns. Fame Transportation tracks all flight schedules and has the driver contact passenger as soon as flight lands for a more smooth pick up. If flight is delayed that is not a worry that a traveler should have to deal with, drivers at Fame Transportation are rerouted to make sure that passenger are picked up on time. Fame Transportation provides a 30 minute grace period for domestic flights and an hour grace period for international flights at no extra charge, research to see what other airport shuttle company does that. With the client our priority Fame Transportation will over see that all travel arrangements are done smoothly and quickly so that travelers can spend their time on more important issues like packing and pre arranging errands needed to be done before their travels. So if you haven’t given Fame Transportation a chance to earn your business go ahead and try them out and see the great service that you have been missing out on.

For a free quote dial 1-800-725-2974 or 626-539-2428


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